Other Resources

To date, this project has focused on helping Irish Industrial Schools and Reformatory Schools survivors to access their records. However, there are other resources that you may find helpful: 

Adoption Rights Alliance 

If you are an adopted person or a person affected by adoption, the information contained on the Adoption Rights Alliance (ARA) website may be helpful. Among other resources, it contains information on how to get your birth certificate and adoption records.

ARA also runs a peer support group on Facebook with over 2,000 members, made up of adopted people, natural parents and others affected by adoption. Everything discussed in the group is confidential, and membership is vetted to ensure that only those with a genuine connection to adoption are granted access. If you wish, you are welcome to join under a pseudonym, and if you do, please let ARA know in your application. The group can be accessed here.

Justice for Magdalenes Research 

If you are a survivor of the Magdalene Laundries or a person affected by or interested in the Magdalene Laundries, then the information contained on the Justice for Magdalenes Research (JFMR) website may be helpful. 

The main aim of JFMR is to provide information and support to the women who spent time in the Magdalene Laundries and their families, and to educate the general public about the Magdalene Laundries and similar institutions. JFMR also has a public Facebook page that you can find here.

CLANN: Ireland’s Unmarried Mothers and their Children: Gathering the Data

If you are an adopted person, or the natural mother or family member of an adopted person, or a Magdalene survivor or a person affect by the Magdalene Laundries, then the information contained on the CLANN – Ireland’s Unmarried Mothers and Their Children: Gathering the Data website may be helpful. 

CLANN is a joint initiative by Adoption Rights Alliance (ARA) and JFM Research (JFMR). The purpose of Clann is to help establish the truth of what happened to unmarried mothers and their children in 20th century Ireland.  Visit http://clannproject.org page for more information. 

The Association of Mixed Race Irish

AMRI is a charity which advocates for people of mixed race backgrounds and seeks recognition and justice for those who suffered racism as children in Irish institutions. In recent years, they have been active in raising awareness about human rights violations in Mother and Baby Homes. AMRI is changing to widen its scope which has previously focused mainly on people of African Irish backgrounds in institutions. Now AMRI is opening to include other mixed communities not necessarily related to Irish Institutions but ordinary Irish mixed race families who need support in dealing with their unique cultural and mixed ethnic lives. Their contact details are:    

The London Irish Centre

The London Irish Centre hosts a range of welfare and outreach services.

Right of Place Second Chance

Right of Place Second Chance provides a range of support for survivors of Institutional Child Abuse and their families on their journey to Truth, Justice and Healing. Right of Place services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of survivors in an understanding, compassionate, and confidential manner.

  • Web: www.rightofplace.com
  • Email: info@rightofplace.com
  • Main Office: Offices and Apartments, 100-101, Lower Glanmire Road, Cork City
  • Additional Office: National Healing and Training Centre, 15 Parnell Street, Waterford City
  • Phone: 1890 200 709

Irish Chaplaincy

Irish Chaplaincy is a social action charity providing services and support to excluded, vulnerable and isolated Irish people in Britain.

aisling irish community & cultural center

Aisling Irish Community & Cultural Center offers social services  including confidential counselling by phone or video.

  • Web: www.aislingcenter.org
  • Email: info@aislingcenter.org; counseling@aislingcenter.org
  • Address: 990 McLean Ave, Yonkers, NY 10704
  • Phone: (914) 237 5121; (914) 237 7121
  • Twitter: @Aisling_Irish

sanktus welfare project

(Formerly Our Lady Help Of Christians Welfare Project)

  • Web: http://www.sanktus.org/
  • Email: sanktus.welfare@gmail.com
  • Address: 4 Lady Margaret Road, London NW5 2XT
  • Phone: 020 7485 9160
  • Twitter: @SanktusWelfare

The leicester irish society

Educational Resources

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and we encourage you to do further research. More resources are available on the Open Heart City website, which is another project of the Human Rights Law Clinic at NUI Galway.