This website aims to assist survivors of Irish Industrial and Reformatory Schools to use the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to access their personal information, including records of the testimony that they gave to a previous inquiry or redress process.

Click here to read our Information Guides on:

  • Making a Data Subject Access Request, and
  • Making a Complaint to the Data Protection Commission.

This website has been created by LL.M. students in the Human Rights Law Clinic at the Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI Galway, in collaboration with Justice for Magdalenes Research and Adoption Rights Alliance, under the supervision of Dr Maeve O’Rourke. None of the information contained in the site is intended as legal advice.

To date, our project has focused on Irish Industrial and Reformatory schools. We hope that over time the website will expand to related areas of so-called ‘historical’ abuse. In the meantime, Information Guides for adopted people, natural parents and relatives can be found at the Adoption Rights Alliance website, and Research Guides for Magdalene Laundries survivors and their relatives are available at the Justice for Magdalenes Research website. (Please note that the Guides available from JFMR have not yet been updated to reflect the EU GDPR.)